Where to hunt birds: Find a place like I do!

When I'm not hunting on Wingshooting USA TV, I'm hunting for fun. On the show and in my free time, for the past 25 years I've searched for wild birds throughout the country. I've hunted public ground in 22 states for every wild upland bird except ptarmigan and I'm working on that one! In my earlier days, when I started looking for a bird hunting spot, I  searched the maps, drove back roads, drank weak coffee in dozens of cafe's, hoisted a few in taverns, and clicked all over the Internet for places to go - with few useful results. I am constantly in search of great public-access bird hunting and the adventures that come with it. 

But it's not as easy as the "good old days" when you could knock on a farmer's door and be granted permission. Since I can't find anyone else doing it, I decided to take the bull by the horns and help people like you and me find more places to drop the tailgate and go hunting!

My goal here, as well as on my podcast, in social media, books and magazine articles, is to help you find places to hunt upland birds. Finding bird hunting spots gets harder by the year, but there are plenty of great destinations if you know where - and how - to look! I hope you'll start here. Good luck!

Scott Linden

The podcast helps you find places to hunt, too.

Join the conversation, literally.  My Upland Nation podcast has a new publicly-accessible spot in every episode. Fun, informative guests, dog training, your calls and more ... without the fluff, "badass" attitude and  other time-wasters cluttering up otherwise good podcasts.